Başkurt Motor ve Kablo Sanayi A.Ş.

Baskurt Motor

No.35 Arifiye
54582 / SAKARYA /


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Informações da empresa Başkurt Motor ve Kablo Sanayi A.Ş.


Başkurt Motor ve Kablo Sanayi A.Ş. established in 1966, Rami, Istanbul to manufacture cable, electrical assembly and heater motor for vehicles. In 1983, the production facilities moved to its factory in Kağıthane. In the same year, the production of vehicle heater and ventilating units started. The production building in Kağıthane was renewed in 1996 and the investments considerably increased from that point on. In 2005, new production plant established in 1st Organized Industry Zone, Sakarya was put into service.
The headquarters is in Istanbul and all production activities are conducted at a single center at the factory in Sakarya. In our facilities which have quality systems of TS ISO 9001 and TS ISO 16949 all basic production processes are developed by use of the most advanced technology.
Activities such as product design, validation, material tests, controlled processes, product functionality controls ensure the product and service quality of Başkurt to be supplied to the customers quickly, timely and correctly. The company manages in central and integrated way the activities such as supply chain, logistics, warehouse management, material planning, production activities and shipment processes.
With its wide range of products, powerful engineering service and customer-oriented approach, Başkurt is a reliable business partner preferred by most national and international customers.
Having respect for environment, showing high appreciation of humanity, and considering its employees as the most valuable asset of the company, we hopefully look forward to the future.

Informação geral

Ano de fundação 1966
Registration no 148 001 8930 / Boğaziçi Kurumlar
Tipo de instalação Sede - Fábrica
Fax +90 212 659 1642



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    ISO 9001:

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    TS 16949

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Bay Mehmet Kılavuz

Gerente (General Manager)

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